www.organicthaifarm.com Organic Thai Fruits and Vegetables for export by Oriental Spirit Co., Ltd.
Ethical Non-Toxic Organic &
                              Chemical-Free Produce

 Vacuum Fried Organic Crispy Fruits :
Baan Silom
 Non-Toxic Organic & Chemical-free Fruits:

Fruits are seasonal produce, with each type of fruit flowering and bear fruits in different months of the year.  Hence, our Organic Produce are also export on seasonal availability basis. Please check our Fruits Seasonal Chart as attached. Oriental Spirit Organic Produce are guaranteed to be fresh and free from any toxic chemicals residues.
Hallmark of Trust
 Oriental Spirit Organic & Chemical Free Produce
Oriental Spirit export a variey of Organic Produce certified by the USDA, JAS, SGS, BCS, OT and IFOAM, guaranteeing its non-toxic Organic nature, safe for human consumption.

Oriental Spirit export Products of fresh Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Fruits in Syrup, Herb and Spices, Vacuum Fried Fruits and Vegetables, Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Coffee, etc.

Oriental Spirit also OEM to Buyer's own Brand logos and names.
Vacuum Freeze Dry Organic Produce:

Oriental Spirit exports a varieties of Vacuum Freeze Dry or Crispy Fried Organic Fruits. The varieties are Crispy Jackfruits, Crispy mango, Crispy Star Fruits, Crispy Banana, Crispy Pineapple, Crispy Rambuttan, Crispy Mangosteen, Crispy Mix Fruits, Crispy Okra (Lady Finger), Crispy Pumpkin, Crispy Onion, Crispy Muchroom, Crispy Sweet Potato, Crispy Taro (Yam), Crispy vegetables, etc.
 Chemical-Free Arabica Coffee :
Oriental Spirit Chemical-Free Coffee has super fragrance and taste because it applies a very short roast-time with super high temperature, just in time to bring out the essential coffee oil, yet roasting each coffee beans evenly, whereas others has its fragrance and taste evaporated as white smokes through the chimney.
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 Organic Rice
Oriental Spirit select top long grain Organic Jasmine Rice that has unique fragrance synonymous to the infamous Thai variety.