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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
 What is Organic or Organic Farming ?

 The Nationa Organic Program (NOP), defines "Organic" as a labeling term that refers to an agricultural product, produced
 in accordance to strict agricutural ecosystem management.

 Organic Agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, that relies on ecological processes,
 biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than applying the inputs with adverse effects.

 In simple terms, Organic Farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide the consumers with fresh, tasty and authentic
 fresh produce, while respecting the natural life cycle system, by avoiding or limiting the use of chemical pesticides and chemical
 How could consumers ascertain seller's claims as Organic
 Produce ?

 There are Three (3) options to follow; whether the Organic Produce is genuine Non Toxic Organic Farm Produce or not.

 Option 1:
 All Organic Farm Produce do apply for an independent Third Party Certification. Changing from a conventional Farm to
 Organic Farm needs at least 36 months period avoiding or limiting the usage of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers and
 follow a strict Sustainable Agricultural Management System. Hence, always look out for the Logo or the Certified body in the

 A Certified Organic Farm Produce has met and achieved the high Standards of the Sustainable Agricultural Management
 System. Consumers looking for Organic Produce are generally willing to pay a premium higher price, due to perceived health
 benefits and other personal preference.

 Option 2:
 Buy samples of the claimed Organic Produce and send them to your country's Independent Laboratory to ascertain the claim
 as Organic Produce. However, please take important note that
Organic Produce Certification is based on on-site Organic
 Management System and NOT on the Certification of the Toxicity of a Produce

 Option 3:
 Visit the Distributor's Organic Farm and talk to the farm workers and look around how it is managed. Collect samples and
 send them to laboratory for certification.
 Why Organic Produce are not as good looking as Conventional
 Produce ?

Organically produced fruits and vegetables usually cost more to grow and managed and have more insect blemishes and
 infestations than conventionally grown crops. Consumers who purchased these Organic Produce, usually understand this and
 are always willing to spend more on these Organic Produce.
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